Terry Group Consulting stands out like a beacon in a world of business to business consulting firms

With an immaculate track record, TGC develops and drives significant business growth. Our passion and focus is to guide and support businesses focusing on technology.  Our business to business approach balances being “hands on”, working with direct sales reports, to being a personal guide for your business team. Well versed in important key sales methodologies we are direct when needed and innovative with our business approach.

By putting your faith in our b2b services you will embark on a dynamic journey of change. TGC adopts impressive methodologies to nurture your imagined business plan. Your business will have direction, solid goals and reach your vision horizon.

Approach your business future with confidence. TGC will focus on areas that will grow revenues and will open new market opportunities. We find out what’s missing and create a fresh angle to revive and thrive your business.


Our strategy ensures your success

Our b2b consultancy will solve your problems. 

Achieve your business goals with Terry Group Consulting’s assertive sales and marketing approach. Feel in control with TGC’s proven commercial, operational and strategy development.

We increase revenues, lower costs and deliver outstanding service.

Our world will change yours

Our world will change yours

With b2b experience spanning 25 years, our business lens focusses on delivering professional services.

We concentrate on the technology sector with an emphasis on software. With our careful management we will assist you identify lucrative opportunities. You will be able to effectively develop growth strategies and take maximum advantage of time and place. While these strategies take effect, we drive operational excellence and develop solid commercial frameworks.

TGC’s future view

Our research teams have extensive market knowledge of vendors and capabilities combined with our ‘future state’ of view.

We have a deep understanding of enterprise software and emerging technologies and trends.

Leading by example

Our b2b direction and leadership in emerging technologies is respected across the business landscape. At Terry Group Consulting we ride the crest of emerging trends and technologies.

We will confidently help your business by capitalising on how these technologies can work for you.

Our vast reach extends to local and international markets

Your business will thrive under our care. With a fresh and creative view to each business engagement, TGC:

  • delivers on pipeline development
  • develops professional commercial frameworks
  • organises successful business practices
  • works on mergers and acquisitions
  • implements strategies to effectively raise capital.

To set your business up for success, we will process your needs, focus on where your business should be and reinforce strategic goals.

What our clients say

In a world of sales and sales management pretenders Steve stands out like a beacon. He aptly balances being ‘hands on’ working with his direct sales reports to being a mentor. There are numerous major deals at TechnologyOne he has directly influenced. If I was picking a crack sales team from scratch Steve would be the first one selected.

Bruce Rasmussen
Carpe Diem Consulting Services

Steve was an extremely articulate and confident spokesman for iPass. We launched a public relations campaign across Asia Pacific that crushed the competition into submission from a market positioning standpoint. It was great working with Steve!

John Sidline
Public Relations and Corporate Strategies

Steve is a consummate salesmanager and business builder. An extremely professional manager, Steve has high energy levels and is passionate about his work. Working with Steve was rewarding and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Steve is an executive of the highest calibre.

David Glavonjic
D&K Ventures Pty Ltd