Business to business selling presents some unique challenges. It’s a fast-changing buyer’s culture, in which customers have access to a lot of information. They are educated and by the time they call you they are down the path of a buying decision. Those businesses that are well equipped and have process in place, can take an advantage and establish themselves as leaders. Where would you like to improve your sales consistency and results?

  • You may find yourself behind target when it comes to B2B sales
  • You keep hitting the same sales number each year, why doesn’t it grow
  • Maybe you haven’t set targets and find it hard to measure outcomes
  • You might be exceeding targets but finding it difficult to control growth
  • There is particular area where you want to improve results but you’re not sure of the best approach
  • Your sales team is always busy, but the activities aren’t reflected in profit margins
  • Are the sales team behaviours consistent and measurable?
  • Is Marketing supporting these efforts with actual programs that align

Terry Group Consulting can help with all of these business to business sales challenges. Our experience and process can help your sales and marketing teams to align on outcomes, drive better results and grow your business.

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Our strategy ensures your success

Most businesses expect that putting on a new sales person is the answer to increased revenues. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ask us about why Deal Flow works for companies like iseek, Dingo software, Urgent Technologies and many others we have worked with to implement our system.

Why are we different

With B2B experience spanning 25 years, and a group of professional consultants that have worked all over the world, we bring unparalleled experience to your business.


You will be able to effectively develop growth strategies and take maximum advantage of time and place. While these strategies take effect, we drive operational excellence and develop solid commercial frameworks.