Terry Group Consulting was established as the accidental consultancy, I left an enterprise software company after 7 years as their GM and wasn’t sure what I was going to do next, then the phone rang, and people asked me to help out with sales and marketing in their businesses. From then on all of our business has come to us from referrals.


So, what do we do?


Terry Group Consulting is all about better outcomes in your businesses sales and marketing. That’s what we are best at, and we know how to drive better outcomes. One example is our Deal Flow process that we established after looking at so many CRM’s, how they were set up, the sales operation processes that went along with that, and everybody has a sales methodology they try to adhere to. What happens? Pretty much it fails.


None of it works, businesses try to work with weighted pipelines. I challenge you to show me a single time when a client has brought 54.7% of a deal? – You either win it all or you lose it all right?


So why not have a better understating of where a deal actually is in the pipeline based on specific criteria on why it’s at that point, and what’s needed to move it to the next stage.


Our other thing we hear all the time, is our BDMs are not performing? Maybe it’s the environment you have that hinders that performance? We believe it’s the businesses responsibility to create a disciplined, but rewarding environment to enable sales people to excel and support that with established marketing practices and consistency.


Wrap all this into a clear set of behavioural boundaries and expectations from both sides and you have a platform for success.


Why not just call us and have a chat and we can share some of our stories of success with past clients, I’m happy to give you the time to talk it over…

To download a copy of our Deal Flow process- Click here


Our strategy ensures your success

Most businesses expect that putting on a new sales person is the answer to increased revenues. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ask us about why Deal Flow works for companies like iseek, Dingo software, Urgent Technologies and many others we have worked with to implement our system.

Why are we different

With B2B experience spanning 25 years, and a group of professional consultants that have worked all over the world, we bring unparalleled experience to your business.

We concentrate on the technology sector with an emphasis on software. We will assist you identify why growth is a challenge, and why most businesses are not taking responsibility for that. Our strategies, combined with our Deal Flow process has proven over and over that it works.

You will be able to effectively develop growth strategies and take maximum advantage of time and place. While these strategies take effect, we drive operational excellence and develop solid commercial frameworks.