Terry Group Consulting was established to assist business with Sales and Marketing outcomes. Yep, everyone promises a better outcome, but we have a track record of success and have developed a specific program we call Deal Flow. It’s a culmination of years of running sales teams all over the world and the challenges in execution of that. That means I made mistakes and learnt from it as I grew these businesses. Deal Flow is now working in over 20 business in and around Brisbane and NSW. we have installed the behavioural disciplines into the companies CRMs, Sales Operations and management and then wrapped a workable marketing program around that to drive success in these specific industries. We mainly work with tech or software companies and have extensive international experience that we feel can bring value to your business. We have a well define playbook and service catalogue that bring value to your business by way of better sales and marketing outcomes.

Our Deal Flow Process takes traditional sales methods and CRM management and disrupts the entire process. Find out more by contacting us today.


Our strategy ensures your success

Most businesses expect that putting on a new sales person is the answer to increased revenues. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ask us about why Deal Flow works for companies like iseek, Dingo software, Urgent Technologies and many others we have worked with to implement our system.

Why are we different

With b2b experience spanning 25 years, and a group of professional consultants that have worked all over the world, we bring unparalleled experience to your business.

We concentrate on the technology sector with an emphasis on software. With our careful management we will assist you identify why growth is a challenge, and why most businesses are not taking responsibility for that. Our strategies, combined with our Deal Flow process has proven over and over that it works.

You will be able to effectively develop growth strategies and take maximum advantage of time and place. While these strategies take effect, we drive operational excellence and develop solid commercial frameworks.

To download a copy of our Deal Flow process- Click here