TGC tips to keep the business spark alive

TGC tips to keep the business spark alive


With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is definitely in the air. But what about the business?

“That’s crazy!”, I hear you say, “I spend way too much time working as it is”. However, we feel at TGC, imparting advice to business owners could reignite that relationship. Whether you’re flying solo or have a support team, it’s never too late for a fresh look at what you’re doing and share the love.

Ten TGC tips to keep the romance alive with small business owners.

  1. Why did you start your business?:  Revive the activities that helped you fall in love with the idea of starting a business in the first place: Start a list of things to remind yourself of what you want to do with your business and its direction.
  2. Looking your best:  Boost your self-confidence, it’s never too late to spruce up the wardrobe, consult a stylist, look at keeping fit and healthy for the long term. However, that takes care of you, what about taking care of the business? Consult the best B2B team who can help with your business needs. So if you’re lacking direction and want your business to look its best, call us for some help.
  3. Be carefully spontaneous:  The thrill of doing something new can put the spark back in your relationship. Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing for too long and you need to try a new tactic. Maybe you’re thinking about a new marketing idea but lacking confidence or direction to go to the next successful step. Take the time to plan with us before plunging in.
  4. Show appreciation:  This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget. Do little things to remind the staff who work for you that you’re collaborating and creating something fantastic together. Showing your staff a little appreciation will go a long way to loyalty and a brilliant working environment.
  5. Plan ahead:  There’s no reason why you can’t dream big and invite your staff to open discussions about where the business is going. Try a ‘table of trust’ where staff can be completely open about any ideas they have, or any misgivings as well. When you learn, you grow.
  6. Don’t take your business for granted: Just because your business is humming along, it doesn’t mean it will take care of itself. Don’t forget to check and make sure how things are going with your staff (table of trust). Do they need upgraded computers? Is someone being overworked but too polite to say something? Really understand what your team needs in the workplace.
  7. Keeping true to your business brand: Don’t try to force your business into a market you’re not ready for. Look carefully at what’s happening with your customer base and how they feel about your brand. Customer loyalty is key, so, if you’ve lost your way you can always seek out a specialist.
  8. Consult a relationship specialist: That’s where TGC comes in. We will revive and thrive your business, help with your business relationship and plan its healthy direction.
  9. Quit comparing the competition: Getting too wrapped up in what your competition is doing can be a little soul-destroying, especially if your competition is already a booming business. Looking at “who’s more successful” or “who’s got the better website” game probably isn’t the best idea. The truth is being a business owner can be hard. Instead of complaining and comparing, work to support, complement, and encourage your business environment. You should be your businesses biggest fan and cheerleader. So ditch the scoreboard and stop keeping track. Take time to continue sharing your hopes and dreams for the future with your staff.
  10. Don’t Give Up!: Business is not a frivolous idea, it’s a continuous decision. Your business is about making a difference. It’s about learning, and growing. It’s about falling in love with what you do every day. It’s the little things you choose to do each day that make a huge difference in the long run.
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