Australian Tech is Onboard—Promotion, Discovery, Intelligence

Australian Tech is Onboard—Promotion, Discovery, Intelligence


Every month TGC will be bringing you interviews and insight into local Startup Companies.  Last month TGC featured Darren Tonkin, Founder of successful App, Storyboard Social. This month our Feature Founder interview is with Chief Startup Evangelist and Techboard Co-Founder, Peter van Bruchem (pictured left).

Techboard started a significant website in 2015 which profiled and highlighted Western Australia Startup companies. However, since going Australia-wide in 2017, Techboard have evolved into the best source of data on Australian Startups and Young Tech Companies.

The idea initially was for companies to use their company listing and the announcements platform to raise their profile. While companies can still use the Techboard platform to promote themselves, Techboard is strengthening its focus on the data side of the equation, where founders, investors and others can make discoveries and get intelligence on the startup and tech scene in Australia.

Chief Startup Evangelist and Techboard Co-Founder, Peter van Bruchem, along with Chief Data Nerd, Rafael Kimberley-Bowen, have created an amazing site for anyone interested in the startup ecosystem. Anyone can view company profiles on Techboard to discover cool companies, products and services.

We put a spotlight on those companies getting traction, achieving milestones and getting funding.

Techboard now tracks data across more than 2,000 companies, growing every month, and collects a vast range of data “from social media engagement, to web rank, to published milestones from media channels.”

The website produces a number of useful resources:

  • Highly searchable company directory
  • The month in Australian Startup and Tech
  • The Techboard ranking
  • Quarterly funding reports—where you can discover who is getting investment and from which investors

And more data products are coming.

In addition to data products the site also publishes insightful interviews with founders and key players in the ecosystem.

Being connected with the startup community is useful in terms of speaking to other founders about “what you’re experiencing and getting useful tips, introductions and ideas,” says Peter.

The Techboard team is active across Australia, “our community managers tap into the local startup community and encourage people to get involved”. The broader team also comprises panels of experts set up in five states. Peter says, “our panelists are embedded in the startup community and provide important feedback in relation to the Techboard ranking, which is a ranking we produce of trending Australian startups.”

Techboard can also be used as a resource about who’s investing in Startups.

When it comes time for a founder to seek investors Peter advises, “a huge number of variables come into play.” He suggests seeking a warm introduction before approaching an investor. “Speak to someone who knows that investor, rather than going to them cold, unless you happen to meet them at an event.”

When it comes time to choosing an investor it’s important to know:

  • What are the investor’s preferences in terms of the stage of development and sector?
  • Is it a good cultural fit?
  • Do they want to achieve what you want to achieve?
  • Are they the right sort of investor for you?
  • What is the investor’s ambitions?
  • How long do they want to hold the investment?

Do your due diligence into prospective investors. Speak to founders of other companies they have invested in.

Future founders need to realise the time it takes to find the right investment. Peter says one of the critical things many investors want to see is “evidence and proof of demand for what you’re wanting to do”. Peter warns, “Raising capital can be a dangerous distraction of your attention away from building your business” because as a result you may have less to show potential investors. “It’s a difficult balance. Becoming successful can be a very long journey.”

Greater visibility in investments

Techboard is also working towards greater visibility in investments that are being made into startups and young tech companies. “We want to encourage startup founders and investors to report or promote on Techboard any investments that are being made.  This will help founders to identify who is making investments and be more confident that there is capital available but also help investors identify companies that may be seeking subsequent investment rounds.”

Supporting local creative talent

Peter says Australians need to support and invest in local creative talent. “Industries are being disrupted. Nothing is going to stop that. We’ve seen a lot of large foreign companies disrupting Australian industries. If we don’t set up and invest in successful startups in Australia owned by Australians who are disrupting Australian industries we will have more Australian wealth go offshore and less Australian jobs.”

He believes the market is transforming and it needs to happen in Australia rather than elsewhere. Transformation in Australian tech is a major reason behind Techboard. Peter says the aim is to create “more high-wealth, high-value jobs. It’s important that Australia invest in future jobs for our children.

It would be nice if Australian Governments had a slightly longer term view about these things.

Techboard is currently the central source for tech trends on Australian startups and tech companies. Peter says, “While we are a Startup ourselves, looking to turn Techboard into a profitable venture, we still see Techboard as a resource for startup founders, for investors, Corporates wishing to partner with Startups and for Australian Governments.

Thank you to Peter van Bruchem and all the incredible support we’ve been receiving about our local Founders.

Next month… TGC will be looking at an incredible Founder making a huge difference in one of the most stressful times of a person’s life—their wedding day. Don’t miss our insightful chat with Confeti Founder, Paul Carr. 

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