Profitable partnership takes Dingo to South Africa

Profitable partnership takes Dingo to South Africa


Founder companies come in all shapes and sizes and work with strategic partners to take their ideas further. Whether Australian founder companies have been established for many years, or taking their tentative first steps, they are all on an extraordinary journey to change the technology landscape here and overseas. 

Our latest Founder Feature is about Paul Higgins, CEO of Dingo Software. Dingo has headquarters in Brisbane and the company has over 20 years experience in improving asset health. Paul shares his thoughts on how Dingo is bringing its world-class predictive maintenance solutions to the African market in partnership with local player, Krypton Mining.

A partnership focusing on Asset Health

“When we were looking for a partner in South Africa we had a series of meetings with candidates,” says Paul.

Krypton were unique as they had evaluated Dingo and knew about us. They were looking for two key solutions in the market: Asset Health and Fleet Management.

Paul met with Krypton co-founders Lou Möller, Principal Consultant and Heinrich Becker, Managing Director—and shortly thereafter, a partnership agreement was signed. Krypton quickly developed a deep understanding of Dingo’s asset health offering, and through careful planning and teamwork, the companies are on the path to deliver their first project together.

Understanding management practices within a cultural context

Dingo is expanding globally with customers in Indonesia, Africa, Latin America and India, which are all culturally very different. While their maintenance practices and requirements might be similar, “it’s important to understand how, and to who, a maintenance recommendation is made, which can be very different depending on the country,” explains Paul.

Partners are critical to help Dingo understand and adapt their offerings based on the culture of the local market. “What we’re seeing is it’s different in Latin America to Africa and Indonesia, and so we really have to listen. If you go in with the idea that management is going to behave the same way as it does in Australia, or the west, then you’ll probably fall into some big holes,” says Paul.

Building quality connections with quality companies

“Africa is a big potential market for us,” says Paul. Krypton is well positioned—they’re experienced with high-quality contacts. “It’s apparent Krypton’s co-founders have strong long-term relationships. That’s the sort of partner we want—to capitalize on key opportunities with tier 1 mining groups in South Africa.”

Krypton is also an excellent partner because of the quality of the team and their ability to explain Dingo’s offering and value proposition. “They’re putting the effort and the resources into understanding our technology. Together we’ve been tilling the soil, putting the fertiliser in and now we’re waiting for the harvest. It takes time, but we’ve been working on it and we’re getting close.”

Harvesting projects on the horizon

“We have some major opportunities we are pursuing and there are significant parallels to our project in Columbia,” continues Paul. Dingo’s current project is the largest mine in Columbia and is similar to another opportunity in South Africa. “With Krypton’s support, we are confident that we can deliver tremendous value to this particular project and expect to kick off with a trial shortly.”

“Like most of our customers, a trial provides the opportunity to prove ourselves in that region,” continues Paul.  “We will build off that strength. The rest of the region looks to these major leaders in South Africa. Then they tend to be fast followers, so we’re on a very strong path with Krypton.”

Investing in predictive maintenance

Krypton and Dingo want to “deliver real value,” says Paul.

We both understand and believe in predictive maintenance. We both understand and believe in solid relationships based on value and expertise.  And we both understand it takes time and investment.”

Powerful applications for extraordinary conditions

Dingo’s industry-leading predictive maintenance software, TRAKKA®, is especially useful in places like Africa. Paul says, “They can feel isolated, as a lot of these mines are in remote areas, and it can be difficult to get the maintenance expertise required to keep operations running smoothly.”

“Our remote analysts provide recommendations on what maintenance work needs to be done,” explains Paul. Trakka allows the person responsible to assign the work immediately and get the job completed.” And our Asset Health Management App™ for mobile devices gives the user “the overall fleet and specific machine health in the palm of their hand.”

A manager knows when a piece of equipment is critical for hitting production output. If the app is showing that it’s unhealthy, then Trakka provides a platform to identify the root cause and quickly fix the problem. This actionable intelligence is helping miners across the globe identify potential issues earlier and get improved machine availability and performance, and Krypton Mining will be instrumental in bringing the power of Dingo’s asset health solutions to Africa.

Special thank you to Dingo CEO, Paul Higgins for his interview. Dingo is a valued client of Terry Group Consulting.

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