High flying Case Studies—7 pointers to give your case study ‘super’ status

High flying Case Studies—7 pointers to give your case study ‘super’ status


Case Studies are a powerful testament to any company. They provide an excellent snapshot into challenges faced, how the challenges were overcome, and how the solutions helped them grow in an impactful way.

A great case study is designed to make the company you’re writing for sound like they’re a super hero with true unique abilities. A company that will swoop in and solve particular problems effortlessly, it has to showcase what they do, how they do it, and how the company will help a business grow. But to reach that super hero status the writer/interviewer needs to be careful about a few things. Here’s some tips when thinking about writing your super hero piece.

  • The approach: You’re asking ‘the right’ someone to cooperate with another company so you need to be genuinely polite and patient when asking for their words of wisdom.
  • Research: Take the time to find out about the person and company before the interview. Email the subject questions beforehand (no more than 5). It’s not the story of their life—open questions need to be phrased appropriately and aimed at achieving desired results.
  • Give and take: To get great information you need to give a little back—reciprocity is the nature of B2B. What’s your bargaining chip? How can you help their business so they can help you?
  • Record interviews: There are plenty of great Apps out there. I like to use Voice Record Pro, it immediately uploads interviews to Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud—so you don’t lose it, this is also necessary for accuracy!
  • Fearless feedback: After you’ve written the piece ask for the client’s feedback and approval before you start sharing the case study across social channels and uploading it onto a website.
  • Design: Make it look amazing. I use InDesign, but there are other Apps like Canva which can make your design pop. However, design your template first using your company branding, fonts, colours, etc.
  • Power of the picture: Choose the right picture for your piece, it has to have some link to what you’ve written about—choose the colours carefully to match your branding.

One of the great aspects of writing a great case study is that you will be networking along the way. This is an extremely important part of your case study experience. Keep the lines of communication open with your interviewees and keep connected, you never know when your paths may cross again. It’s a smaller social world than you think.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the skills, the time, or design experience. I can help you out with all of the above, or something in particular. Just contact me and I will help you out so your case study flies in the right direction.

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