Steve’s story

A visionary

Steve is described as a visionary. Inspired by technology, his pragmatic leadership is acutely developed across a career spanning 25 years.  With solid operational management experience, focussing on technology software and service delivery, Steve interprets the market and develops strategies for powerful growth.

Expanding business

Acknowledged for strengths in generating serious revenue, Steve is known for expanding business globally. He shapes channel partnerships and negotiates multimillion-dollar commercial agreements with prominent market leaders.

An independent leader, Steve delivers genuine customer solutions with clear outcomes. Respected in industry circles, he is well known for driving significant growth, operational excellence and strategy development.

Thought leader

Providing digital talent, insight and understanding your business will transform under Steve’s management. Steve is a thought leader and utilises technologies such as AI, machine learning, automation and IoT. He understands the cyber security landscape and will future-proof business to prevent digital disruption.

Working with leading software companies in silicon valley, he has worked extensively in the US, UK and lived in Hong Kong. He easily manages business acumen globally from a regional base.